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Dvorak Cavatina Op.75 for String Orchestra

Here is the first movement of Dvorak's 4 Romantic Pieces arranged for String Orchestra.  Originally this pieces was composed in 1887 for 2 violins and viola though, it wasn't published until 1945 under the title "4 Bagatelles".  The first movement entitled "Cavatina" shows Dvorak in a lyrical song writing mood.

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Dvorak Larghetto

Dvorak wrote his Sonatina in G major, Opus 100 in November 1893, completing it on 3rd December. It was intended for his own children, Ottilie and Antonin, which is why it is very playable. The G minor second movement, known to many as Indian Lament uses a theme that had come to the composer as he visited the Minnehaha Falls.

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