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Bohm Perpetuo Mobile for Violin and Piano

I like the music of Carl Bohm! My pupils like the music of Carl Bohm!  His publisher Simrock loved the music of Carl Bohm too as they made a small fortune from his compositions.  It is said that Simrock used the profits from Bohm to provide the capital to publish music by Brahms. 

It is amazing to think that Bohm is not really known much today outside the world of violin teachers and young aspiring violinists.  Yet without him would we have had the music from Brahms?  

Here is a delightful Perpetuo Mobile from a set of six small pieces.  I'm sorry, I don't know if there is an opus number to them!  This piece starts as it means to go on - fast.  Having said that, it is mainly played in first position with the odd bit of third position here and there.

I hope you enjoy.

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Scorch Preview

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