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Filtz Symphony Op. 1 No. 5

Johann Anton Filtz (1733 — 1760) was just 26 years old when he died!  In  his short time on earth, he studied law and theology at the University of Ingolstadt, was a cellist in the "Mannheimer Hofkapelle" and a composer of at least thirty-four symphonies, thirty concertos and a several chamber works.

Being a member of the "Mannheimer Hofkapelle" puts Filtz's compositions clear in the Mannheim school along with fellow composers Franz Xaver Richter, Carl Stamitz, Franz Ignaz Beck, Ignaz Fränzl, and Christian Cannabich.

His 6 Symphonies Op. 1 are all scored for strings and continuo and consist of three movement - fast - slow- fast.  

I can't find a recording of Filtz's Symphony Op.1 No.5 in F major or a modern edition of this work.  I do hope that you will find this work interesting enough to play and perform.  If you do perform it, I would love to hear a recording.

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