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Max Bruch (6 January 1838 – 2 October 1920) 

Max Bruch was a German composer and conductor who was born in 1838 and died in 1920. He is best known for his works in the Romantic genre, including his First Violin Concerto and his Scottish Fantasy for violin and orchestra.

Bruch began his musical career as a violinist and later moved on to composing and conducting. He was heavily influenced by German folk music, as well as the works of Mendelssohn and Schumann. Bruch's compositions often featured lush melodies and rich harmonies, making them popular among audiences and performers alike.

Despite his success, Bruch faced criticism throughout his career for his conservative musical style. He was often overshadowed by his contemporaries such as Brahms and Wagner, but his works remain a staple in the classical repertoire and continue to be performed today. Bruch's contributions to the world of classical music have solidified his place as a notable composer in history.