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Alfredo Piatti (1822 - 1901) 

Alfredo Piatti was an Italian cellist and composer who was born in 1822 in Brescia, Italy. He began his musical career at a young age and was quickly recognized as a talented cellist and composer. Piatti was a prolific composer, producing works in a variety of genres including chamber music, solo cello pieces, and orchestral works.

Piatti was highly respected as a cellist and was often invited to perform with some of the most famous orchestras of the time, including the London Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic. In addition to his successful career as a performer, Piatti was also an influential teacher, and many of his students went on to have successful careers in music.

Piatti's contributions to classical music were significant, and he is remembered as one of the most talented cellists and composers of the 19th century. His works continue to be performed today, and he is considered a pioneer in the development of the cello as a solo instrument. Piatti passed away in 1901, but his legacy lives on through his music and the many musicians he inspired.