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Giacomo Puccini (1858 – 1924) 

Puccini is widely considered one of the greatest opera composers of all time. He was born in Italy in 1858 and began composing at a young age, eventually studying at the Milan Conservatory. His most famous works include "La Bohème," "Madama Butterfly," and "Tosca."

Puccini's operas are known for their sweeping melodies and emotional depth. He was able to capture the essence of love, loss, and the human experience in his music, making his works timeless and enduringly popular. In addition to his talent as a composer, Puccini was also a skilled orchestrator and made sure to carefully craft every element of his productions.

Despite his success, Puccini faced many personal struggles during his lifetime. He struggled with depression and often had difficult relationships with the women in his life. Despite these challenges, he was able to channel his emotions into his music and create some of the most beloved operas in history. Today, his works continue to be performed all over the world and his legacy as a composer lives on.