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Jules Émile Frédéric Massenet (1842 – 1912) 

Jules Massenet was a French composer who is known for his many operas, including "Manon," "Thaïs," and "Werther." Born in 1842, Massenet was a student of the Paris Conservatoire, where he learned to write music in the traditional French style. He made his debut as a composer in 1864 with the opera "Le Roi de Lahore," which was a great success and established him as a leading composer in France.

Throughout his career, Massenet wrote over 30 operas, as well as numerous other works including ballets, symphonies, and orchestral pieces. His music is known for its emotional depth and beautiful melodies, and he was particularly skilled at depicting love and passion in his music. Massenet's operas were popular in Europe and America, and many of them are still performed today.

Massenet's music was heavily influenced by the Romantic movement, and he is often considered to be a representative of the French Romantic school of composers. He was also a highly respected teacher, and many famous composers, including Charles Gounod and Jules Bizet, studied under him. Massenet died in 1912, but his music continues to be enjoyed by classical music fans all over the world.