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Jean-Baptiste Sebastien Bréval (6 November 1753 – 18 March 1823) 

Jean-Baptiste Sebastien Bréval was a French composer and cellist who lived from 1753 to 1823. He was born in Paris and began his musical education at a young age, studying with some of the most prominent musicians of his time. Throughout his career, Bréval was known for his exceptional skill as a cellist and for his contributions to the classical music genre.

One of Bréval's most notable achievements was his work as a composer for the French Opera. He composed several operas throughout his career, including "Les deux avares" and "Les marronniers." These works were highly praised for their innovative use of melody and harmony, and helped to establish Bréval as a leading figure in the world of classical music.

In addition to his work as a composer, Bréval was also a highly skilled cellist. He performed with several prominent orchestras and ensembles throughout his career, and was known for his technical proficiency and expressive playing style. His contributions to the classical music genre have had a lasting impact, and he continues to be remembered as one of the great composers of his time.