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Johann Adolph Hasse (baptised 25 March 1699 – 16 December 1783) 

Johann Adolph Hasse was a German composer and singer who lived in the 18th century. He was known for his opera and vocal music, and was considered one of the most important composers of his time. Hasse was born in Bergedorf, near Hamburg, in 1699 and began his musical education at an early age. He studied with various composers and musicians, including Georg Philipp Telemann and Johann Mattheson, and quickly gained a reputation as a talented composer and performer.

Hasse's music was characterized by its lyricism and expressive melodies, and he was particularly known for his ability to write complex vocal lines that suited the talents of the singers he worked with. He was also a skilled orchestrator, and his music often featured intricate instrumental parts that supported and enhanced the vocal lines. In addition to his opera and vocal music, Hasse also composed chamber music, instrumental works, and sacred music.

Throughout his career, Hasse worked with some of the most prominent musicians and opera companies of his time, including the Dresden Opera and the Royal Opera in London. He enjoyed great success and was highly respected by his peers and audiences alike. Despite his many accomplishments, Hasse's music fell out of favor in the 19th century and was largely forgotten until recently, when it has undergone a resurgence of interest among scholars and performers. Today, Hasse is remembered as a major figure in the history of classical music, and his contributions to the opera and vocal repertoire continue to be celebrated.