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Giovanni Paisiello (1740 – 1816) 

Giovanni Paisiello was an Italian composer who was born in 1740 in Taranto, Italy. He is best known for his operas and his contributions to the development of opera buffa, a type of comedic opera. Paisiello began his musical career as a child prodigy and received his first commission for an opera at the age of 16.

Throughout his career, Paisiello composed over 80 operas, many of which were highly successful and popular in his time. He was particularly known for his ability to craft catchy melodies and his use of humor in his compositions. In addition to operas, Paisiello also composed a number of sacred works, including masses and cantatas.

Paisiello's music was widely admired during his lifetime and he was considered one of the leading composers of his time. He was also a highly respected teacher and his students included some of the most notable musicians of the 19th century, including Gioachino Rossini. Paisiello passed away in 1816, but his music continues to be performed and celebrated to this day.