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Carl Bohm (1844 – 1920) 

Carl Bohm was a German composer who was born in 1862 and died in 1920. He was best known for his work in the realm of classical music, specifically operas and symphonies. Bohm was a highly talented composer, and his work was praised by critics and audiences alike for its emotive power and technical skill.

One of Bohm's most famous works is his opera "Der Evangelimann," which was premiered in 1895 and has since become a classic of the genre. This opera tells the story of a man who is struggling with his faith, and the music perfectly captures the drama and emotion of the narrative. Bohm's use of dissonance and tension in the music adds to the overall sense of unease and conflict in the opera, and the result is a powerful and deeply moving work.

In addition to his work in opera, Bohm also composed a number of symphonies and other classical pieces. His Symphony No. 2 in D Major is a particular standout, with its sweeping melodies and rich harmonies. Overall, Carl Bohm was a talented and influential composer who made a significant contribution to the world of classical music. His works continue to be performed and admired to this day, and his legacy as a composer lives on.