Joseph Maurice Ravel (1875 – 1937)

aurice Ravel was a French composer and pianist born in 1875. He is best known for his compositions for piano, orchestra, and ballet, such as his famous work, "Boléro." Ravel was highly influenced by Impressionist composers, as well as traditional Spanish and Basque music.

Ravel was a master of orchestration, using unique and innovative combinations of instruments in his compositions. He also experimented with different musical forms, including the use of variations and theme and variations. Despite his experimentation, Ravel's music is known for its clarity and simplicity.

Ravel's most popular works include "Daphnis et Chloé," a ballet in two parts, and "Pavane pour une infante défunte," a solo piano piece. He also composed several successful operas, including "L'heure espagnole" and "L'enfant et les sortilèges." Ravel's music continues to be performed and enjoyed by classical music enthusiasts around the world.