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Willem de Fesch  (1687 – 1761) 

Willem de Fesch was a Dutch composer and violinist who lived in the early 18th century. He was a member of the famous Fesch family of musicians, which included his uncle Joseph and his cousin William. De Fesch is best known for his contributions to the Baroque music style, particularly his violin concertos and sonatas.

De Fesch was born in 1687 in Rotterdam, where he received his early musical training from his uncle Joseph. He later traveled to Italy to study with some of the most renowned musicians of the time, including Antonio Vivaldi and Francesco Geminiani. Upon his return to the Netherlands, he became the leader of the court orchestra in The Hague and was appointed as a violin teacher at the Royal Academy of Music.

De Fesch's music was highly praised during his lifetime, and he was considered one of the most important composers of his time. His works, which include over 100 violin concertos and sonatas, showcase his technical virtuosity and expressive melodies. De Fesch's influence can still be heard in modern classical music, and his works continue to be performed and recorded by musicians around the world.