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Schubert, François

François Schubert  22 July 1808 – 12 April 1878) 

François Schubert was a talented violinist and composer who made a name for himself in the classical music world. After receiving training from Antonio Rolla in Dresden, Schubert went on to study violin with Charles Philippe Lafont in Paris and eventually performed with the Staatskapelle in Dresden from 1823 to 1873.

In addition to his classical music contributions, Schubert also had a personal connection to the world of music through his family. He was the son of church composer Franz Anton Schubert (the Elder) and was married to Maschinka Schubert, a singer and actress. Their daughter, Georgina Schubert, went on to become an opera singer.

While François Schubert composed a variety of pieces, including concert pieces, études, and chamber music, he is perhaps most well-known for his bagatelle, The Bee. This perpetuum mobile for violin and piano has often been mistaken for a work by the more famous Franz Schubert due to the similarity of their names. Despite this, François Schubert's contributions to classical music should not be overlooked and his talent as a violinist and composer should be recognized and celebrated.