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(Jean Baptiste) Charles Dancla (19 December 1817 – 10 October 1907)

Jean Baptiste Charles Dancla was a French violinist and composer born in 1817. He is best known for his contributions to the violin repertoire, particularly his studies and etudes for the instrument. Dancla began studying music at a young age and quickly became a proficient violinist. He eventually became a member of the Paris Opera Orchestra and later became the director of the Paris Conservatoire.

Dancla's compositions for the violin are considered some of the most challenging and technical works in the repertoire. His etudes and studies are widely used by violinists to improve their technique and accuracy. In addition to his works for the violin, Dancla also composed several operas, ballets, and other orchestral works.

Despite his contributions to classical music, Dancla is not as well-known as some of his contemporaries. However, his works continue to be studied and performed by violinists today, making him an important figure in the world of classical music.