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Carlo Tessarini (1690 – after 15 December 1766). Italian composer Carlo Tessarini is relatively unknown despite publishing 40 editions of music between 1721 and 1766. He was born before 1700, but the earliest reference to him is not found until 1720 when he was a violinist in the orchestra of St. Mark's in Venice. The last mention of him is from December 1766, and he is assumed to have died right after that. Tessarini might have studied with Arcangelo Corelli, but there is no direct evidence. He was employed by the Ospedale del Derelitti in Venice and later the cathedral in Urbino. He moved to Paris, London, and the Netherlands in the mid-1740s. He left behind at least 70 symphonies, 90 concertos, and 140 works for chamber ensembles, but no vocal music is known from him. He was popular in his time, but why the historical record is silent about him remains a mystery.