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Christian Sinding (1856–1941) was a Norwegian composer whose works spanned the late Romantic and early modern periods. Born in Kongsberg, Norway, Sinding displayed musical talent from a young age, studying piano and composition in Christiania (now Oslo) and later in Leipzig, Germany. He gained recognition for his compositions, which often reflected the lush harmonies and emotional intensity characteristic of late Romanticism.

Sinding's repertoire includes orchestral works, chamber music, choral pieces, and over 200 solo piano compositions. Among his most famous works is the piano piece "Rustle of Spring" (Frühlingsrauschen), which remains popular to this day. His music is marked by its lyricism, expressive melodies, and rich harmonic language.

Though overshadowed by his contemporary, Edvard Grieg, Sinding's contributions to Norwegian music are significant. His compositions continue to be performed and admired for their emotive power and technical brilliance, securing his place in the annals of Norwegian musical history.