Saint-Saëns Havanaise for Solo Violin and String Orchestra

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The Havanaise in E major is a popular concertante work for solo violin and orchestra composed by Camille Saint-Saëns in 1887. Based on the Habanera rhythm, it was originally intended for Cuban violinist Rafael Díaz Albertini but was first performed in Paris by Martin Pierre Marsick.

Here is an arrangement for violin and string orchestra.

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Peformance note

The "Havanaise" for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 83, is a piece of virtuosic and dramatic character, written by Camille Saint-Saëns in 1887. It is one of the composer's most popular and enduring works, and has been a staple of the violin repertoire since its premiere.

The "Havanaise" is a rhapsodic work, characterized by its fluid, improvisatory style and its use of rhythmic and melodic elements from Cuban and Latin American music. The piece is structured in five sections, and features a series of virtuosic solos for the violin, accompanied by the full orchestra.

The opening section, marked "Allegro moderato," sets the stage with a bold and dramatic theme, characterized by its sweeping melodies and fast-paced rhythms. The second section, marked "Andantino," is a more lyrical and introspective section, featuring a beautiful and expressive solo for the violin.

The third sectiont, marked "Allegro vivo," is a lively and energetic scherzo, characterized by its fast-paced rhythms and virtuosic solos for the violin. The fourth section, marked "Lento," is a slower and more introspective section, featuring a series of expressive solos for the violin.

The final section, marked "Allegro," brings the piece to a dramatic and triumphant conclusion, with a series of fast-paced and virtuosic solos for the violin, culminating in a grand and triumphant finale.

The "Havanaise" for Violin and Orchestra is a virtuosic and dramatic work that showcases the talent and skill of the solo violinist, as well as the full range of the orchestra. It is a must-hear for any classical music enthusiast, and remains one of Saint-Saëns' most enduring and beloved works.

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