Sarasate Caprice Basque Op 24 for Violin Quartet

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Sarasate Caprice Basque Op 24 is great fun to play!  Originally composed for violin and piano here is an arrangement for violin quartet.

The PDF file contains the score and all parts.


Performance note

The Caprice Basque, Op. 24, is a virtuosic violin showpiece composed by the Spanish violinist and composer Pablo de Sarasate. The piece was composed in 1878 and is a quintessential example of Sarasate's signature style, which is known for its technical complexity and virtuosity.

The Caprice Basque is written in a fast-paced, energetic style that requires the violinist to have a high level of technical skill and dexterity. The piece is characterized by its rapid octave passages, challenging double stops, and intricate bowing techniques. In addition to its technical demands, the Caprice Basque also requires the violinist to have a strong sense of rhythm and expression, as the piece is infused with the lively, energetic spirit of Basque folk music.

Sarasate's Caprice Basque is a popular concert staple for violinists and has been performed by some of the greatest virtuosos of all time, including Itzhak Perlman, Joshua Bell, and Hilary Hahn. It is a testament to Sarasate's genius as a composer and violinist, and continues to be a beloved and enduring work in the violin repertoire.

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