Vivaldi Sinfonia in C RV 112 for Strings Orchestra

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Vivaldi Sinfonia in C major RV112.  This edition is taken from the original manuscript.  This edition has a realised harpsichord part.

The PDF file contains the score and all parts for printing.

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Performance note

Vivaldi's Sinfonia in C major, RV 112 is a stunning and energetic piece that showcases the composer's signature style and virtuosity. This work is a prime example of Vivaldi's exceptional skill as a composer and violinist, and it is sure to delight listeners with its lively and fast-paced Allegro movement, its introspective Largo movement, and its virtuosic final Allegro movement.

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) was a master of the Baroque period, known for his more than 500 violin concertos and other instrumental works. Among these works are many sinfonias, instrumental pieces that were often used as introductions to operas and other vocal works. Vivaldi's sinfonias, including Sinfonia in C major, RV 112, are characterized by their lively and virtuosic writing, as well as their expressive and emotional range.

Although the exact date of composition for Sinfonia in C major, RV 112 is not known, it is likely that it was composed at some point during Vivaldi's career as a composer. Vivaldi's works continue to be widely performed and enjoyed today, and Sinfonia in C major, RV 112 is a prime example of the composer's exceptional talent and creativity.



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